Public Defender Association of Uganda (PDAU)

Human Rights organization for eco-social, criminal,
and alternative justice in Uganda.

About PDAU

PDAU was conceived in 1997 in the context of the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) Reforms as one of the new models for improved administration of justice in Uganda. It complements the Criminal Justice Reform Program which is one of the JLOS’ initial key priority areas for reform. PDAU offers legal aid to indigent persons to putting particular emphasis to those charged with criminal offences. The organization works with courts, prisons, police, and other legal aid service organizations/providers.


A society in which disadvantaged people with criminal cases have improved access to justice in fulfilment of constitutional requirements.


To establish a national mechanism for legal representation of people with criminal cases.


PDAU’s legal aid services to poor people is a factor in promoting the right to liberty and fair hearing, alleviating poverty and ensuring professional, cost effective, complete and quality services.

Key Objectives